Thursday, March 26, 2015

Beat the Clock

I leave for Chile on Saturday and I am in "end game" mode. In a perfect world, I would have two of everything. One set in Chile and the other in the US. That way, I could just walk out the door with a toothbrush and a flight confirmation.

Alas, that's not my reality, so I am sorting through closets, cabinets, and drawers. Some things will go with me, some not. Some will be thrown out. Others, just stored for next time, whenever that is.

I'm eating down on food, rummaging through the fridge to create meals out of leftovers and frozen food. Asking myself how long flour lasts. Graham cracker crumbs? Should I try to save them or throw them out? Can they be stored in the freezer? Would spices still have any zip in six months if I stuck them in the freezer now?

Then, there are the things I want to bring back with me. I have accumulated so much s...tuff.

Not to mention the copies I ordered of "A Million Sticky Kisses." Worried that they wouldn't arrive in time to go with me, I paid extra for two day shipping. The two days were up on Tuesday. Today's Thursday and I still have no books. Lost in the mail, they say.

I'm running around here with my fingers crossed, playing another round of Beat the Clock, pushing everything right down to the wire, and wondering if taking copies of "Penny Possible" and "A Million Sticky Kisses" will make my suitcase overweight.

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