Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Welcome Back

Back in Chile and the cupboard is bare, so I went to Lider on Sunday afternoon to get a few essentials.

The place was swarming, but I managed to snag a head of broccoli and a packet of chicken before heading to the coffee aisle where their shelves were as bare as mine. Sitting there were 3 or 4 lonely bags of coffee. None of them my brand. There was Starbucks and Juan Valdez. Cha-ching!

Scrunched way in the back, I spotted one bag of something else. Some brand I'd never heard of, but was "Colombian." I grabbed it and was off to the body products aisle, looking for my brand of deodorant. I'd say that this was essential, especially since it's supposed to be 85º here today and higher tomorrow.

I use roll-on in the "powder" scent, Rexona. There was Rexona "powder," in a spray, but no roll-on to be had. There was another brand whose label had the same coloring and style. In my state of exhaustion, I nearly reached for it before I realized that it was not Rexona. At the last moment, I pulled back, feeling smug, and thinking, "Sneaky of them."

A stocker was nearby, so I stopped him to ask, "Where is the Rexona roll-on?"

I heard the dreaded words. "No me queda." We're out of it.

Sighing, I left Lider with only my chicken, broccoli, and packet of coffee. It was later that evening when I realized that the coffee I'd bought wasn't decaf. In my fog of jet lag, I had bought regular coffee which I no longer drink. Too tired to go out again in search of decaf, I resigned myself to drinking instant decaf, from my reserve tin, the next morning.

The following day, I went to a different Lider in another part of town. Same result, no decaf. in fact, no bags of coffee at all, and no Rexona roll-on, either.

Across the street, at a pharmacy, I found my Rexona. Happy that it hadn't been discontinued, I picked up two and stood in line to pay as person after person went ahead of me. Obviously, still jet lagged, I had forgotten that you need to pull a number from the ever-present red plastic dispenser by the door before they will wait on you. I sometimes wonder if I were the only person in the store, would I still have to pull a number?

It's a rhetorical question, of course, but the answer is "Probably."

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