Saturday, March 21, 2015

Chasing Winter

One week from now, I will be on my way to the airport, heading back to Chile for their fall and winter. I'm a winter-chaser. I admit it. While some people are "snowbirds," avoiding winter. I am a "sunbird." I dodge summer.

If the temperature goes above 70º, about 20º Celsius, I am uncomfortable. Considering that air conditioning is not the norm in Santiago, and that my apartment has none, I stay away during Chile's hotter months.

I've been watching the weather carefully this year. A few weeks ago, it looked like summer in Santiago was on the wane and fall temperatures had arrived, but last week, summer came back with a vengeance. Santiago temperatures reached up into the 90's. Whoa!

Some like it hot, and then there's me. Since I can't change my return date, I guess I'll have to sweat it out for a bit, literally, when I return, but I'm considering another alternative. Land in Santiago, repack, and then go further south to the island of Chiloé where it's a blissful 57º today.

According to a report on, fall is a great time to visit. "After summer vacation...Local tourists go home; the leaves turn red and yellow." One woman is quoted in the article as saying, "I know this is Chile, but I feel as if I'm somewhere else, in Vermont or England."

Fall is my very favorite season and I've wanted to visit Chiloé for a very long time. Bonus: I hear the seafood there is to die for. Thanks for the push, climate change.

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