Tuesday, July 7, 2015

¡Que se puede!

On Saturday evening, after Chile's historic win of the Copa America soccer tournament, there was jubilation in Santiago.

Chile had never before won this tournament, and we watched, mesmerized, as Alexis Sanchez kicked the winning penalty goal. Thousands took to the streets to celebrate the victory. Plaza Italia, the designated gathering place for celebrations, as well as protests, was overrun with ecstatic fans.

Everything started off well, with honking horns and vuvuzelas. People, shouting in the streets, "Chi, Chi, Chi," and others responding, "le, le, le," but before the night had ended, there were three deaths, plus looting and vandalism.

Now that the initial thrill is winding down, it's back to the real world where Chile's got a few issues to resolve. As my musician friend, Polo* commented on Facebook, "YA ES NUESTRA LA COPA AMERICA. ¡QUE FELICIDAD! AHORA A GANAR LA COPA EN EDUCACION, SALUD, CULTURA, RESPETO, JUSTICIA." Now the Copa America is ours. What joy! Now, to win the Copa in education, healthcare, culture, respect, and justice.

I couldn't agree more, Polo. ¡Que se puede!

~~Sally Rose
Author of Penny Possible & A Million Sticky Kisses

*a little jazz for your listening pleasure, brought to you by Polo.

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