Sunday, April 12, 2015

Chiloé, the Lesser-Known Emerald Isle

I'm still sorting through photos of my magical trip to Chiloé, though this one might be my favorite.

As if its stunning natural beauty weren't reason enough to visit, it is home to sixteen patrimonial wooden churches which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. I visited five churches this time, so only eleven more to go next time I'm in Chiloé.

I spent three nights in Ancud, then another four nights in Castro. Janice, at Solo Travel Society, calls herself a solo BoBo. Part Bourgeois, part Bohemian traveler. That description might fit me, too. Being a "princess," I stayed in hotels in both places rather than in hostals, but though I was traveling alone, I had no trouble meeting fellow adventurers.

Along the way, I met a Finnish businessman, a Swiss couple, a French pharmacist, and an ESL teacher from the US who has been living in Saudia Arabia. I also met some good local tour guides and, finally, at the airport I met a teacher, who invited me to return to Chiloé to volunteer in her classes, and on the plane,a young Chilean movie producer.

The allure of the lesser-known emerald isle is difficult to describe. If you visit my Pinterest page, my photos can show you more than I could ever say.

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