Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Buh-bye, 2014!

I'm all set. Tonight, I'll be wearing red for good luck, and I'll be burning a bayberry candle because it attracts prosperity. I plan to make lots of noise at midnight to welcome in the new year. Not sure exactly how I will accomplish this one without bothering my neighbors, but maybe they will be partying, too, happy to begin a new chapter, as I am.

If I were in Chile tonight, I might be wearing red underwear to attract a new love or yellow to attract prosperity. And if I wanted to attract both or just a prosperous lover, could I mix it up and wear orange undies for that?

To attract travel in 2015, I would take my suitcase out and make a midnight stroll around the block with it. Then, tomorrow, I would eat lentils for good luck. Here in the US, I will be eating black-eyed peas and cabbage for the same reason.

I've started on those pesky New Year's resolutions, too. Goals, intentions, whatever you call them. Top of the list is spending less time on "social media." You know what I'm talking about.

An inordinate amount of my day is spent scrolling through all the "stuff" that appears in my newsfeed. I enjoy seeing friends' photos or reading things they post, but it's like mining for nuggets of gold. I have to sift through all the inane things that people I have only met once or twice think is important enough or funny enough or witty enough to post on Wastebook. By the time I've reached the end, looking for posts from people I actually know, I have to start over again because there are 48 new posts to ferret through.

For me, it equals an enormous time drain. I'd quit using it altogether except that some of my friends use it instead of email. To stay in touch with them, I have to continue it, but I'm going to attempt the practically impossible--only doing one big "read" of it every day instead of scrolling endlessly.

Here's to spending less time on social media and more time being social in 2015. Cheers!

Happy New Year.

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