Sunday, March 9, 2014

¡Viva El Centro!

I wish the man who's outside yelling would be quiet. I really do.

Even up here on the 16th floor, his chatter is loud, if not quite clear. He's talking so fast that I can't precisely make it out, but he's probably trying to sell ice cream because it sounds vaguely like, "Helado, helado, helado, helado......." 

Except that in "Chilean," with their rapid-fire, smoosh-everything-together, swallow-the-words, and always drop "s" and "d" form of speech, it sounds like "lao, lao, lao, lao, lao, lao, lao....." 

Every now and then, he goes silent for a blessed bit. I'm presuming that he briefly stops hollering as he makes a sale, but then he starts again, seemingly louder than before.

I managed to block it out the first 8,999,999 times he did it. Then, it began to get on my nerves. I wish he'd move down a block or two. Just a little buffer to muffle him.

My friends would probably give me a shrug and an eye roll and remind me that I like living downtown where the action is. They're right. I do, but sometimes "less" might be "more."

¡Viva El Centro!

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